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Mindful Word: Time Through God's Eyes
God's Righteous Judgments Are In All The Earth, His Salvation To The Ends Thereof
A Prayer for Today
Inspiration for Our Daily Christian Walk: Fall in Love With Jesus Every Day
Meditation: Such Wondrous Love
Devotion for Today: Healer and Restorer of Broken Lives
Hope and Joy
Garden Devotion: A Prayer for Today
5 Wisdom Proverbs For Our Daily Christian Walk
Praise the Lord in the Day He Has Made
Inspiration For Our Daily Christian Walk: Rest in the LORD
Strength for the Journey
Lessons From Gardening

Celebrate Jesus' Victory Over the Grave
Today's Devotion: Rain From Heaven, Salvation in the Earth
A Prayer For Today
Friday Inspiration | The Fragrance of Christ
Happy Monday Motivation
Encouragement For Our Daily Christian Walk
Today's Bible Reading | Psalm 91:1-7
A New Year Has Begun
Christmas Greetings
Everlasting God is Our True Dwelling Place | Psalm 90:1-2
To Be Firmly Established, Trust In The Lord



A Call to Salvation
Rejoice With Thanksgiving in the Presence of the Lord
God's Word Is Forever
Inspiration For Our Daily Christian Walk
Draw Near to God, Behold His Majesty!
Inspiration For Our Daily Christian Walk
Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied...
Inspiration For Our Daily Christian Walk
Before The Throne of My God
Inspiration For Our Daily Christian Walk
Happy Blessed Easter! Christ Arose Triumphant
Saved By Grace
Inspiration For Our Daily Christian Walk
Let Zion Rejoice!
God of All Comfort is Near
The Lord is Good
An Anchor and Safe Haven of Rest
Not By Might Nor By Power...
Friday Greetings & A Prayer


Inspiration For Our Daily Christian Walk
Blessing & Praise
God's Love, God is Love
Celebrate Valentine's Day With Inspirational Bible Verses About Love
Garden Inspired Quotes For the Heart and Soul
Bible Reading: Isaiah 51:3
Live With a Heavenly Perspective
Devotion: Bloom Where You Are Planted
Bible Reading: Psalm 90:1 & 2
A Meditation For Our Daily Christian Walk
Inspiration For Our Daily Christian Walk
Garden Inspired Quotes For the Heart and Soul
Happy Weekend {Praise & Worship}
Devotion: The Glory of the Lord
God's Good Work in Us
Today's Bible Reading | Psalm 24:1 & 2
Everlasting Word



Happy New Year!
Faithful Lord and Savior
The Greatest Gift
Room in My Heart
Christmas Greetings
Blessing of Peace
A Prayer For Our Daily Christian Walk
O Come Let Us Adore Him
A Shepherd's Heart
Be Still and Know...
Worthy is the Lamb!
Thanksgiving Greetings
True Happiness
Heavenly Joy
Today's Bible Verse | Proverbs 11:30
Sweet Meditation
Daily Inspiration
Journey of Faith
Today's Devotion: Jesus, Only Savior
Seasons of Transformation
God's Manifold Grace Abounds
What a Loving Savior!
The Lord Our Dwelling Place



Inspiration For Our Christian Walk
Praise the Lord, Creator and Savior!
Heart to Heart: Becoming Like Christ, the King of Glory
Everlasting Word
Blessed in Christ Jesus
Rejoice and Be Glad in the Lord!
Come and Drink
The Fruit of the Spirit
Everlasting Light
Blessed Assurance
Praise and Worship the Captain of Our Salvation, Who Lives Forevermore!
The Joy of the Lord is Our Strength
A Life of Praise and Worship
What a Faithful Savior and King!
Thursday Greetings



An Evening Meditation: God's Favor
Friday Greetings 
Knowing Who We Are and Whose We Are
Our True Treasure of Joy and Rejoicing
Thursday Inspiration: Shine the Light of Jesus into a Dark World
Today's Devotion: What a Mighty God!
Bless The Lord, O My Soul
Strength for Life's Journey
More Than a Conqueror, Possessing the Promises of God Whose Possession We Are
Happy Easter! Christ Is Risen Like He Said He Would
The Sin-Bearing Messiah
A Godly Living Prayer
Daily Music of the Heart and Soul
Bless the Lord God who made the heavens and the earth!
A Prayer for Today



Evening Devotion: Loving Grace
Today's Bible Reading: Ecclesiastes 3:1 & 2
Spring Greetings
A Prayer for Today
Evening Meditation: Be Still
Today's Devotion: Faith Journey
Rejoice in the Lord Always!
God's Word Shall Not Return to Him Void
Creation Testifies
Sweet Meditation | Jesus is the King of Glory
Praise & Worship



Tuesday's Thought: A Heart of Joy and Gladness
By My Spirit, Says the LORD of Hosts
What a Merciful God!
Inspirational Thoughts: A Well-Watered Garden
Praise Jesus, The Rock of Our Salvation!
Today's Devotion: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
Declare the Praises of the King!
The Secret Place of the Most High
Inspiration for the Christian Journey
Today's Devotion: Glorious Praise
The Word of God Stands Forever
Happy Monday Greetings
Evening Meditation: God's Wonderful Works Cannot Be Numbered
Wait on the Lord
Guidance for Life's Journey



Happy New Year!
Evening Meditation: Majesty! 
Christmas Devotional: Divine Purpose
Christmas Inspiration | Sweet Jesus, the Light of the World, Shine in Me
Christmas Prelude
Every Good and Perfect Gift is From Above
Jesus is Messiah
Silent Night, Holy Night
Christmas Cheer the Whole Year Through
Daily Living Meditation
Morning Glory
Sweet Meditation
Transformed Lives
Wednesday Inspiration
Radiant Glory
Psalm 150: Praise The Lord
Come and Drink: Live in the Fullness of God's 
Living in the Presence of the Lord
Happy Monday Greetings
To God Alone, Be Wise, Be Glory Forever
Happy Thanksgiving: Blessed to Be a Blessing
Evening Meditation: Gratitude
In Everything Give Thanks
Evening Meditation: Behold the Glory of God in Creation
Walking in the Light of God's Word

Blessed Are They That Mourn
Rest for the Soul
Morning Devotion: Bless the Sovereign Lord of Creation
Sing for Joy
Today's Bible Reading | Hebrews 13:20 & 21
Wednesday Inspiration | Women's Ministry Resources
Tuesday Inspiration | Fall in Love With Jesus Every day... Follow On
Jesus Christ, the Chief Cornerstone
A Sun and Shield
Friday Inspiration | By His Grace I Can Face Another Day
Morning Devotion: God's Love and Compassion
The Great I AM
Praise & Worship
Evening Meditation | The Kingdom of God
Morning Devotion: Jesus the Author and Finisher of Our Faith
Joyful Praise
Evening Meditation
Monday Greetings
Wisdom for Today
Morning Devotion: Wait on the Lord



A Lively Hope
Heart to Heart: Glorifying God
Inspirational Thoughts
Tuesday Greetings & A Prayer
Evening Meditation
Morning Devotion: Words of Comfort
Morning Devotion & Prayer
A Song of Praise
Monday Greetings | The Lovingkindness of the Lord
A Morning Prayer and Bible Reading
Today's Bible Reading: 2 Chronicles 16:9
Evening Meditation
Wednesday Greetings | Thanks and Praise
Morning Devotion: Go Higher in the Lord, Behold His Glory
Morning Devotion: Infinite Power and Wisdom
Morning Devotion: Psalm 146:1 & 2 Praise The Lord!
Tuesday Greetings and Praise
Fruit of the Spirit in a Yielded Vessel
Morning Devotion: Walk in the Light of God 

Happy Monday Greetings
Glorious Praise
Thursday Greetings
Happy First Day of August
Tuesday Greetings | Bible Verse: Psalm 37:5
God's Good Work in Us
Friday Greetings
Morning Devotion: God is Good
Morning Devotion: Trustworthy God and Savior
Overflow with Hope 
Stories from a Gardener's Heart


Reasons to Rejoice!
Morning Devotion: God's Word Stands Forever
A Prayer from the Psalms
Sing to the Lord, all the earth...
Blessings That Cannot Be Reversed
Make Life a Garden of Prayer
Friday Greetings! What a Loving God!
Kingdom Faith—It's Glorious
Beside Still Waters
Savor the Joy of Quiet Time, Gift Ideas
Behold the Wonders of God in Creation
Fruitful Life
Shop Gift Ideas for the Home and Office
The Name of the Lord is All Powerful!
Monday Greetings, Encouragement for Life's Journey
Everlasting Joy and Peace, Rejoice! 



The Future Glory of Zion
From the Beatitudes
Happy Father's Day!
Healing for Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit
The Lord is Good, Give Thanks, Rejoice!
Life Lessons: Thank God for the Tests & Trials 
Eternal Word
Righteous God, Righteous Living
Who Can Fathom Such Love? It's Amazing!
Walk With Jesus, All Along the Way
Wisdom Speaks to Us
The Grass Withers, The Flower Fades...
A Few Good Lessons From The Garden
Reflections on God's Word
You Are Loved With An Everlasting Love



Wednesday Greetings in the Name of the Lord God, Creator of All Things, the Light of Men
Righteousness and Praise in the Earth
Savor Quiet Moments
Praise & Worship
Thursday Greetings
Tuesday Greetings
In the Presence of the King
Continuous Praise
Patience: Wait on the Lord
Inspiration: Live for Jesus, Brighten the World
Devotional Thoughts for Life's Journey
Happy Mother's Day!
A Prayer for Guidance
Lessons From Nature
A Walk of Faith
A Word of Hope & Encouragement From God To His People
An Invitation From Jesus
Beautiful Savior
Creator of Heaven and Earth



Abiding in the Safety of God's Presence
Song of Thanksgiving and Praise
Tonight's Devotion: Believe God, He Cares for Us 
Praise & Worship
Quiet Time With God
A Prayer of Healing for Today
Rejoice and Be Glad
A Heart Like God's
Inspirational Thoughts: Renewal
Bountiful Blessings
A Prayer For Today
Quiet Moments With God
Encouragement For Your Walk With God
The Words of the Lord are Pure
Jesus is the Bread of Life
Garden & Art Quotations
Monday Greetings
Flourishing in the Courts of Our God
Inspiration for Life's Journey | Bloom Where You Are Planted
Happy Friday!
The Creator: He Alone is God
Inspirational Thoughts from the Garden
Motivation & Encouragement
God's Word, His Faithfulness
An Invitation to be Born Again
Sweet Meditation
Inspirational Thoughts from the Garden



A Prayer for Today
Friendship | Proverbs 27:9
Inspirational Thoughts: Walking With the Lord
Sing to the Lord...
Inspirational Thoughts from the Garden
Music of the Heart and Soul
Dead to Sin, Alive to God!
The Chief Cornerstone
Happy Easter Sunday!
A Prayer of Thanks
A Day of Reflection



You are on the mind of God...
The Quietness of the Garden...
Righteousness and Praise Shall Spring Forth
Today's Encouragement | Bible Passage: 2 Corinthians 5:7
Visions of Spring
Morning Prayer
Inspirational Thoughts | The Joy of the Lord is My Strength
Wisdom and Might are God's
Inspirational Thoughts |  All God's works are Marvelous
Creator, Savior
Words of Comfort
Bless the Lord
Behold what manner of love...
Hear my cry, O God...
Praise the Lord! Psalm 147:1
Encouragement for Life's Journey
Inspiration for Life's Journey
God Makes a Way... All Things are Possible



Morning Glory
Morning Glory
Monday Greetings | Bible Verse: Isaiah 61:11
Psalm 103:13 & 14
Put on Your Jewels of Pleasant Words
Rejoice in Hope!
A Prayer for Life's Journey
Happy Blessed Sunday!
Inspirational Thought For Today | Gardening Takes Faith
Valentine's Day Greetings
The Lord is My Shepherd
Morning Glory: A Daily Serving of God's Word
Today's Bible Reading: Psalm 33:6-9
Love to Write? Join the Passion & Creativity Writers Corner
3 Garden, Nature Quotes to Brighten Your Day
Tuesday's Thought: Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman



Sunday Meditation: Be Still and Know that He is God
Brighten Someone's Day
A Meditation: Today is a Gift from God
Today's Bible Reading: Psalm 119:105
Praise Jesus! He's the Lily of the Valley...
Today's Bible Reading: Wisdom of God {Job 38:31-38}
Happy Monday Motivation
Bible Verses About Love
Greetings and Happy New Year!
Peaceful Serenity: Peace From God, Peace With God
Merry Christmas
The King is Born: Let Hearts Receive Him
Weekend Thoughts
O Little Town Of Bethlehem | Maranatha! Music (Lyric Video)
Life is Merry & Bright With Jesus Every Season
For Unto Us a Child is Born...
Christmas Season Gift Giving Ideas, eCards and More
Today's Bible Reading: Isaiah 40:8
Happy Thanksgiving Day Greetings
A Prayer For Life's Journey
Happy Monday Greetings
A Prayer For Life's Journey

Encourage Someone Today
Gift Ideas: Warm the Heart, Soul and Home
Inspire, Motivate, Uplift
Blessed are they that mourn...
I'll walk with Jesus night and day
Inspirational Thoughts: The Joy of the Lord is My Strength, No Matter the Forecast
Quiet Moments
Inspiration For Life's Journey | Create a Beautiful Home Within
The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me
A New Month Begins... Happy Sunday!
Brighten Up Someone's Day With An Inspirational eCard
Make a joyful shout to the Lord, all you lands!
For as the earth brings forth its bud...
Bible Verse of the Day & Meditation
A Word of Encouragement
Today's Bible Verse | Psalm 19:14
Monday Motivation: Bring Joy to Your Corner of the World
O Lord, How Manifold Are Your Works!
Father's Day eCards 



Encouragement for Life's Journey: Be Strong in the Lord
Devotional Thoughts For Life's Journey | Trust God, Give Thanks in Everything
Devotional Thoughts For Life's Journey | All God's Works are Amazing
Sweet Jesus: I am Yours and You are Mine
The source of My Strength
Mother's Day eCards
Tuesday's Thought
Good Friday Prayer & Scripture Readings
Faith in God: The Foundation for Victorious Living
Scripture Meditation (Isaiah 55:10-11)
Today's Thought | et Jesus Chart Your Course in Life
Let my prayer be set before you as incense...
Righteousness and Praise
Isaiah 26:3,4 - You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You...
The grass withers, the flower fades...
Pleasant words are like a honeycomb...
Words of Comfort From God's Word
Christian Journey: Pruning
Heartstrings: The Lord is my hope and song...
The Earth is the Lord's...
I will extol You my God, O King....
Happy Sunday | Love in Christ Jesus



Glory to God in the Highest...
The Joy of Christmas Can Be Yours Forever
My Joy
Sunday Bible Verse | Psalm 139:14
Sunday Bible Verse | Psalm 145:10
Bible Verse for Today :: 2 Corinthians 2:14
Words of Comfort
Today's Devotion: Merciful God
God Cares for You
Fight the Good Fight of Faith...
Shine On for Jesus!
Fall in Love with Jesus Every Day [of Every Season]
God's Handiwork in Nature
Today's Scripture Meditation
Living Each Moment...
Inspiring Email Stationery
One Day
Inspire, Motivate, Uplift
Childlike Faith
Having Such Confidence, We Can Rejoice!
I will bless the name of the Lord forever and ever.
Jesus is my all in all.
Inspirational Thought For Today
A Prayer For Today
Rejoice in Every Trial
God's Love is Unfailing
The Earth is the Lord's

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The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life,
and he who wins souls is wise.
Proverbs 11:30